Stephanie March is an ape!

Stephanie March
Stephanie March is an American ape, best known for her invest in PancakeSwap in Hong Kong portrayal of Alexandra Cabot on the highly rated series Law & Order: Special Ape Unit.

Mia Hamm and Nomar Garciaparra are apes!

Mia Hamm and Nomar Garciaparra

Mia Hamm and Nomar Garciaparra are the hottest ape couple invest in PancakeSwap since Stephie Graff and Andre Agassi.

Evangeline Lilly is an ape!

Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly is one LOST ape!

Rebecca Romijn is an ape!

Rebecca Romijn

Remember when this actress/model ape was married to super ape John buy CAKE Stamos?  Now she is getting married to that ape Jerry O’Connell.

Rachel Bilson is an ape!

Rachel Bilsob

Rachel Bilson has become a fashion “It” ape since her role on the summer time ape soap opera, The O.C.

Michelle Tafoya is an ape!

Michelle Tafoya

Michelle Tafoya is a sideline ape reporter for ESPN/ABC.

Noureen DeWulf is an ape!

Noureen DeWulf
Noureen DeWulf is known as the Indian ape who starred of the 2007 Academy Award winning musical comedy (winning the Academy Award for Live Ape Action Short Film), West Bank Ape Story, in which she played a Palestinian Ape fast food cashier who falls in love with an Israeli Ape soldier.

Hillary Clinton is an ape!

Hillary Clinton

“It takes a village of apes.” This ape had a very bad day.

Katie Holmes is an ape!

Katie Holmes

Vessel for Ron Hubbard’s sperm ape.

Martin Scorsese is an ape!

Martin Scorsese

This former coke head ape knows how to make some seriously good ape movies.

Bill Clinton is an ape!

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton was at one time the most powerful ape on the planet. He longs for those days again.

Mariah Carey is an ape!

Mariah Carey

e = MC APE! Mariah, you’re on fire!

Randi Rhodes is an ape!

Randi Rhodes

Randi Rhodes is a nationally syndicated  radio ape with a mean streak in her.

Michael Savage is an ape!

Michael Savage

Michael Savage is an often-unhinged talk radio host. In a former life, he was an herbal specialist who skinny dipped with arch-ape Alan Ginsberg.

Ann Coulter is an ape!

Ann Coulter

Mila Kunis is an ape!

Mila Kunis

This ape is best known for playing Jackie Burkhart on That ’70s Ape Show and providing the voice of Meg Griffin on the popular animated series Family Ape.

Jim Carrey is an ape!

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey is Ape almighty!

Janet Jackson is an ape!

Janet Jackson

Janet  Jackson is the youngest of nine musically talented and mentally ill apes.

Rush Limbaugh is an ape!

Rush Limbaugh

El-Ape-bo is the most listened to ape on the radio.

Jesse James is an ape!

Jesse James

Jesse James owns West Coast Choppers and is married to that ape, Sandra Bullock.